Do you need bass for your music?

I can gladly record songs at the ole’ home studio.

I always strive to find the right bass line for each song or beat, making sure you’re left with the feeling that it is the only bass line that should/could exist for that song.

Home studio set up including 24 bit/192 kHZ audio recording.

Tons of different bass tones to choose from for your specific recording.

B15N Ampeg fliptop amp for the vintage tone junkies, or super clean and modern DI.

Reasonable rates. Really reasonable!



New release from the drastics!!

New!!!! 2009 Digital 7″ Series (Volume 1) is finally available for download with the iTunes! … Featuring many tracks with Fada Dougou, MC Zulu, dubs, instrumentals.  Also, for all you collectors out there, a few of these songs will be released on a very limited run of vinyl,  with hand screened artwork, specific for  each song! Stay tuned for that…