Birds of Chicago “American Flowers” (2017)

Mark Heard Tribute “Treasure of Broken Land” (2017)

The Drastics “Noir” (2017)

Lotte Kestner “Off White” (2017)

Birds of Chicago “Real Midnight” (2016)

The Record Low “Idle Chatter” (2014)

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer “Maritime” (2014)

Birds Of Chicago “Live from SPACE” (2013)

The Drastics 45 rpm “MJ A Rocker” -rock with you- (2013)

The Drastics 45rpm “MJ A Rocker #2” (2013)

Adam Fitz  “Curing too much with more” (2013)

Ralph “Soul ” Jackson LP “The Alabama Love Man” (2012)

Awna Teixeira “Where The Darkness Goes” (2012)

Birds Of Chicago “Birds Of Chicago” (2012)

Joe Pug “Live at Lincoln Hall” (2011)

Illuminati Congo “All Eye See” (2011)

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer “Seed of a Pine” (2011)

Jeromy Acton “The Deep” (2011)

JT Nero “Mountains/Forests (2010)

Po’ Girl “Follow Your Bliss” (2010)

JT & The Clouds “Caledonia” (2010)

Algebro “the algebro album” (2010)

The Drastics “Love is War 7inch” (2010)Happy as a Lark

Po’ Girl “Po’ Girl Live”(2009)

The Drastics “Lonely No More 7inch” (2009)Happy as a Lark

Illuminati Congo “Illuminati Congo” (2009) Nyahbanga Records

The Drastics “MJ A Rocker” (2009)

Adam Fitz “Spazz Ballads & Friendly Fire”(2009) Rabbit Factory

Grun-Tu-Molani “Varelse Dans” (2009) Morning Recordings

Spinach Prince “Spinach Prince” (2009)

The Drastics “2009 Digital 7″ series, Volume 1” (2009) Happy as a Lark

Silences Sumire “Return Is Selective” (2008) Ropa-a-dope

The Drastics “Waiting” (2007) Jumpup!

Kibosh “Degradations” (2007)

Silences Sumire “Drastic Remixes” (2007) Ears & Eyes

The Drastics “Outlaw Tracks”(2006) Happy as a Lark

The Drastics “Chicago Massive”(2006) Jumpup!

The Drastics “Real Fine, Very Fine”(2006) Jumpup!

The Drastics “Premonition” (2005) Jumpup!