the drastics summer vacation!

Well, the drastics played our last show of the summer last night, or at least until our guitarist Brian Citro returns from India,  which is rumored to be around the end of August.
The show was at a local Chicago club called Subterranean.  Pretty standard, decent sized rock club for Chicago. The only downside is the grueling 2.5 flights of extremely steep stairs it takes to get up to the club (which is no fun with giant bass speakers). One would think that with a name like “Subterranean,” the place would be way underground…not the case.
Regardless, the show was a success…and thanks to all who came out to support and benefit the Global Alliance for Africa.

About Chris

Chris’ musical history and training is vast and varied. This is part of the reason he is so often called upon for his musical skills with musicians looking for someone that can stand in for a truly professional performance.
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