11/19/10 Jt & the Clouds @ Maynestage…Chicago, IL

09:00 PM
08:00 PM DOORS

JT and the Clouds

The Lowdown Brass Band

JT and the Clouds come from Chicago; their music is Chicago music – rough edged, sad, hopeful, and shot through with soul.

The music is alive to the ever-shifting tides of modern indie music, but remains steeped in the city’s fine traditions of soul, rhythm and blues. They resist the urge to pigeonhole themselves in a genre, or be easily pigeonholed. Most of the people that inspire them are similarly hard to pin down.
t’s these ghosts of the past and future, awake in their music and words, that have pushed critics so far afield in reaching for name-checks to compare them to — Sam Cooke, the Band, the Velvet Underground, Prince, Curtis Mayfield… and more recently, Bon Iver, M. Ward, Jeff Buckley ….